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Lesbian Poetry

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Insatiable: Possession [Dec. 30th, 2010|09:29 pm]
Lesbian Poetry

[mood |okayokay]
[music |the boy is mine- brandy ft monica]


Do not be deceived by my luminescent halo,
for darkness twists inside my heart.
You are my exception, so none will harm you.

The hunter has become the hunted;
the Rabbit is the wolf.
I am coming for you, Reaper.
I have wondered through rye fields to find you.

Pinned under me, you beg for my love.
Can't you see you already
have that in your possession?

Don't you remember when you trapped me
in your snare eight moons ago?
If you release me from my cage
I will lay with you,
and sing you all my hidden lullabies.

Do not be deceived by my luminescent halo, for darkness twists inside my heart.Collapse )

I have more poetry here.
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Insatiable: Sacred [Dec. 23rd, 2010|03:40 pm]
Lesbian Poetry

[mood |sicksick]
[music |closer- nin]

Discovered and Captured

You did the impossible, Love:

You strode down my castle's
corridor and entered
my chamber of pain, where
I hide from discovery.

Your long fingers caressed
my bruised heart, as you
captured me in a rude
awakening. I lit candle

after candle in the dark,
to make out the expressions
on this Reaper's face, as you
loved me with your brutal
yet tender touch.

The night of our first embrace:
We fell tangled,
and I allowed the meteor to burn.

I expected you to leave soon after,
but like the last fading star of four A.M
you never left my side.
Accept it, Love.
Find peace within me.

Your kisses are that of
a river; calm but rough
and violent at a second's notice.

I noticed the lock in your chest
matches the key around my neck.
I twist the key in tenderly.
I am yours for as long as I breathe.

Closer, Lover. Closer.Collapse )

More poetry of mine can be found here.
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Insatiable: 2 A.M Heartbreak [Dec. 8th, 2010|03:49 pm]
Lesbian Poetry

[music |sweet sacrifice- evanescence]

Sparrow's Last Prayer

Sparrow's tiny heart
gave out, as the arrow
shot her down.

Two gentle, cupped
hands lifted her up
as the rain poured down.

You sang her sweet song
as you took her away,
so the cats wouldn't eat her.

No longer will she spiral down
on the wind's thermals;
bury her beneath the Willow

tree, that's her Mother;
her soul lives on with wings unfailing,
that carry her towards the stars.

Remember Sparrow,
in your prayers. Do her cries
still echo in your sleep?

Hide and Seek...Blood and tears, they were here first.Collapse )
*Cut-off link is from the song Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap.
More poetry of mine can be found here.
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Peach [Sep. 29th, 2010|01:15 am]
Lesbian Poetry


Fresh heady aroma
Lightly brushing the skin
Down tickling my fingers
Then parting and the first sweet licking of juice
Tangy and sticky
Nibbling and sucking
Until my whole chin is covered
And my tongue touches the pit
Taking it whole into my mouth
I feel the texture and hardness
And shuddering, I cannot wait
To taste it again
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A Rose [Jun. 19th, 2010|01:28 pm]
Lesbian Poetry
I watched the rose peddles fall on my floor so many memories lost that way.
How the years have gone by since I watched my first rose wither with all my
love I tried to keep it alive. Thought about it as I sat there in my chair
dreaming of days past. It is funny how you remember those days now about to
be married I feel so fulfilled this rose some how is different. IT has a
real meaning to me it means love real love not just any ordinary love.

The redness of it reminds me of the soft tender kisses and the feeling of
her mouth on mine especially when I am not feeling well. The softness of
her skin like a smooth cream. Always so inviting making me feel like I am
finally home when I am in her arms. She is so strong but at the same time
so tender with me she is everything I ever wanted in a woman. Before you
paint a scene of us in your head let me tell you my lover is a butch and I
am a soft butch. Ok that said I can continue.

As I sit here now and stair at the rose I dream of all the passionate
nights I have had. I sat in my leather jacket and a black thong which is my
favorite. There is nothing like black leather the hard feel of it the smell
of it to make you feel free as you ride the wind on a bike the freedom that
makes you feel a live if not for a second in life. I turned then to face my
lover and she smiled at me and I smiled back I had a wonderful surprise for
her waiting. I went in to our bed room got dressed in a pair of blue jeans
and a red t shirt and told her to follow me.

We walked out to the street where I pulled a tarp off of a new bike that
shone with the fresh new baby blue paint I had it pained for her with red
flames. With black velvet seats it was so hot I couldn't believe it was
ours and I smiled and handed her a helmet. That was blue and white and
matched mine. She smiled and took me in her arms and kissed me passionately
with out a word we both got on it and I held on to her almost in a hug and
she started up the bike. We rode to a deserted area I knew and she turned
around on the bike and balancing it started to finger fuck me as I rubbed
her shaven head and kissed her so longly. I could not help but think how I
wanted this for so many years.

Then I slipped my fingers inside her leather pants and played around with
her clit until I felt the heat and juices dripping down my fingers and I
kept feeling her. I stuck a finger inside her to feel her warm insides god
it felt like bliss.

I looked around the deserted road it was so quite and the stars were
shining it was so perfect. "I love you" she said as I staired into her blue
eyes some times I think I can fall right into them. She reached into her
pocket and pulled out a small box I knew it had to be jewelry I loved
jewelry so much. " I know this has been coming for sometime but will you
marry me?" she asked as sweat beat down her forehead. I smiled and hugged
her yes I will I said. We got back on the road and road into the early
morning it wasn't until one am when we got back to our house.

I felt like the happiest woman alive on earth I finally had
everything I ever wanted a warm home with our cat and each other. I took
off my clothes with a smile on my face and climbed into bed soon I would be
the wife of the one person in this world that matter so dearly to me. That
I would die for and more.

The next morning I woke to breakfast made on my nightstand I was in awe and
a half a dozen roses and a poem on a slip of paper. I looked over and there
was my butch daddy standing in the door way already dressed in a t shirt
and dark blue jeans and work boots. She walked over to me and kissed me
tenderly. "How is my wife to be?" she asked as I staired at her "very well"
I said looking at her she was the most beautiful thing I had every seen.

The rest of that morning few by in a blur I don't remember what else
happened now I sit here and think about it.

Now I sit here in my chair and look at the last rose and stair at its red
pedals and pray that our marriage will be great as I scroll threw wedding
dresses on the computer.Oh... well she is home I have to go make her dinner
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her turn [Jun. 12th, 2010|01:34 am]
Lesbian Poetry

the curve of her pale body
enclosed by my own, though tan
was such a sight
it made my river run

her muscles contract
around my bony fingers
and a hard pebble
where my hand still lingers

the sway and rhythm
of our bodies in time
the subtle softness
is quite sublime

her muscle the sword
hdiden in a sheath
her delicate skin
trying to hide the muscle underneath

our bodies close
my breath hot on her skin
this feeling so good
i'm scared it is sin

breathing harder now
i feel she is close
her body is a drug
and i'm on a high dose

her breathing quickens
and my heart races to match
on to eachother
our bodies attach

as her moans grow louder
and mine do aswell
i feel her pushing
pushing me out of her shell

but my fingers are tricky
and push against the swelling
of her tissue around me
i listen to what it's telling

as she collapses
i catch her so
between pants she whispers
soon it will be my turn to go
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in my head [Jun. 12th, 2010|01:32 am]
Lesbian Poetry


in my head
your nails dig into my back
and your legs tighten around my hips
as they grind into your
sweet pink lips

in my head
i am cluthing the end
of our new toy
with my inner muscles
and i slip the other end
carefully inside you
your soft moans start
as i had hoped they would

in my head
we are pushing
and pulling
against eachother
our muscles contracting
everything tightening
and loosening
at the same time

in my head
you lie on your side
and i hold you from behind,
my dear little spoon.
i press my breasts close
and slide my leg
between yours
to seperate them as i
carress your curves

in my head
your soft skin
is sweating against mine
as i slam into
your tight little crevice
that you have hidden
from the rest of the world

in my head
my rubber cock
is deep inside you
work your g-spot
aswell as mine

in my head
you are wearing nothing--
not even socks
of course,
neither am i

in my head
our moans serenade
eachothers will
to keep going
i keep going strong

in my head
you carefully rest your back
against my knees
and your hands pull
at your own hair
as my own hands grab your ass
bring your sweet lips closer
more for me to eat

in my head
your clit is hard
against my lips
as i tug
as i pull
as i like

in my head
my fingers are swimming
inside of you
i love the feel
of  the rough and smooth skin
found only on the inside

in my head
i hold you close
as you breath softly
against my chest
and you tell me
that you can hear my heart beat
and i tell you
that my heart is serenading you
it's singing you a lullaby

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"Me as you Photographer and You as my Model" - A Poem ;) [Feb. 6th, 2010|07:11 pm]
Lesbian Poetry


Me as your Photographer and You as my Model

Baby, let me be your photographer,
the photographer that I'm destine to be...
I imagine...
an already painted picture with vibrant colors of your brown skin
and a natural background that blends well with your features...
or an old fashioned, black and white photo that still shows your
colorful personality, but shows an old school flare that you possess.
Photogenic is what you are & I want you to be my model...
let this aspiring photographer enhance the art that is full of
and sex appeal.
Let my camera be the canvas and you be the color pallet,
and as one we can make a soulful masterpiece
that'll make others stop and stare at the beauty that you are showing...
so baby, be my model & let me be your photographer.

First piece in 2010, January 5th 

Much Luv

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Irresistible tits [Feb. 4th, 2010|07:49 pm]
Lesbian Poetry
She wore this beautiful shear white blouse that pulled open a little
between the buttons showing off glimpses of her sexy lacey bra. I
couldn't help but notice and found myself peeking at every opportunity.
The fullness of her tits with that bounce as she took a step and those
lovely "headlights" pressed up against her blouse beckoned me to her. I
was kind of behind and to the side of her looking down at her generous
cleavage when she turned her head sharply and asked "Do you like what
you see?" in a whispered voice. I smiled embarrassed at my lack of
discretion but whispered back "Oh yes....I'd love a better view!" She
turned away and walked off towards the bathroom, her hips swaying and
those luscious titties bouncing as I followed close on her tail. She
turned as I closed the door to the handicap stall and said "Undress me."
No verbal response necessary I reached for her blouse and unbuttoned,
sitting on the toilet facing her standing before me. I was eye level
with her beautiful breasts, exposing her flesh as my mouth watered. I
got the the fourth button and pulled the top of that gauzy blouse
apart, her cleavage bulging forward as I leaned to give little butterfly
kisses over them. "More" was all she could say..."mmmmore" I
unbuttoned the last 3 and she dropped that blouse off her shoulders.
Her pretty titties framed in white lace turned me on as I licked and
kissed and sucked them getting her bra all wet. Ohhh my her hard
nipples looked so delicious thru that wet lace. I nibbled gently back
and forth, getting a little harder and rougher with them as those
nipples got rock hard. I reached around behind her and unsnapped her
bra...oh yesss She turned from me and slowly slid her straps down
teasing me as I needed to suck her flesh. Finally she moved the bra and
her hands and oh god yes-so beautiful and round and instantly my hands
and mouth are all over them. Her titties are instantly wet as I lick
and suck and kiss her soft, warm boobies. I slide my hand up her skirt
and rub that pantyhose covered pussy, damp and hot and gyrating
immediately. "Yes get me off ....oh please ...yesss suck my nipples oh
you feel so good." Needless to say my own pussy was soaked as I stroked
hers. And easily her beautiful, responsive body arched and shivered as
I sucked both her hard nipples at once and rubbed her horny pussy. She
moaned loudly (we both forgot we were in a office restroom) as I
finished her off with my fingers on her clit rubbing against those
soaking wet pantyhose. I licked up and down the valley between her
generous titties as she kinda pushed them at me rubbing them all over my
face as she slowed her hips. I looked up to see her smile her breathing
almost back to normal as she said "I want more later."

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(no subject) [Jan. 5th, 2010|05:26 am]
Lesbian Poetry
[Current Location |United States, Philadelphia]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Bleeding Love, Leona Lewis]

I'm picking up the shattered pieces of my soul and the tatters of my consciousness I lay here under the suns ray with the tendrils of that dark destruction curling around my feet I feel those wicked curved metallic claws pierce me again and i feel sick because sometimes it feels as if the flaws of my past are innumerable and the weight of them overwhelms me just a little bit Suddenly my sun is gone and I'm being dragged back into the depths of dark quiet that's far to intrusive for me to be at ease in and i hear you and it's like razors spinning in my ears and just enough to make me question my own sanity because you're entirely to far away from me in any way possible to be able to hear you Fear fills my chest tries to tear its way out and everything in me every cell and fiber of my being is frozen solid in silent agony at the thought of remaining here So i push away at last eyes turned toward the sky and even if my life depended on it i am determined not to cry To shed one more tear on this ashen mess that was once what i considered perfection My head held high i hear this crystal clear sound that reverberates in the space around me its the strongest thing I have ever heard....it's her my missed chance my mistake on the eve of my old life she's standing right here before me telling me she'll always be there for me arms wide open and her heart is too she's my strength my heart my very will to be and I realize this is where I was always meant to be. ~Ankoku
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